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Originally Posted by PheelGoodInc View Post
In B4 GSP is scared...

Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
Makes sense. GSP can probably hold Diaz down for 25 minutes. But he can't take even one punch from Hendricks.

Just shows how dangerous Hendricks is that Diaz is the safe choice.
here ya go bro


hendricks is the #1 contender
but I want to see Diaz vs GSP way more
hendricks doesn't play the PR game, and that's what happen to those who don't play the PR game when the UFC/Zuffa goes all out to promote MMA to the masses.

it's a business move, and a good one. If you want nothing but deserving fights happening, watch bellator, it's their trademark. I for one am happy that the UFC leaves that to them, as it allow both promotions to grow without taking the same spot.

but look at other "low PR" fighters, they get pushed on the back of the line more often than not. Fighters like Condit, Fitch, Munoz, or even champions, they're having the hardest of times promoting JDS, they're trying and they have some success, but the guy isn't simply polarizing enough, and positive opinions will always be quieter than negative opinions, but in PR/marketing, any opinion is good to take.

whereas "high PR" fighters, Diaz bros, GSP, jones, Sonnen, Nelson, McDonald (Rory) etc... they skyrocket to the big money fights. People either love em or hate them. You don't see a 30 pages long thread about hendricks even tho he's in the #1 contender spot, people are just not talking about him enough for it to be a good money fight.

about Nelson, I even suspect that the "feud" between him and Dana is probably something they're willingly letting go on, making Nelson a bigger and bigger name in the process.

in the end, they still have to win fights (should Diaz lose to GSP, he'll get sent to the back of the line for some time), but being more marketable is obviously the best way to get big money fights.

from a business stand point, it makes perfect sense. MMA has its roots in entertainment, pure entertainment, at first it was a spectacle. It's only tradition if they put entertainment value so high in their mind, that's how the sport was born.
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