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That foot was busted and if Palhares wouldn't get finished the way he did he certainly wouldn't come back for the second round.
The thing I find intriguing is: If my foot was busted and hurting like hell and the only thing I had were ridiculously strong arms like Palhares, I would at least throw vicious punches hoping for the best everytime Lombard would closed that distance until the end of the round. It worked beyond expectations for Franklin and his broken arm against Chuck.
Lombard had nothing coming from Palhares then it was a matter of time to pick him apart and put him away.
I think this evidences even more the lack of versatility of Palhares. He is still unable to adapt at this point of his career. He forgot he had arms that could at least take him to the end of the round and chose desperation road instead - through the cliff.
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