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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
I love how he blasts boxing for putting on money fights when he's making Jones/Sonnen and GSP/Diaz.

Guy's a massive hypocrite.
This makes no sense. And I'm not sure what you are trying to say? He bashes them for making money fights? No he doesn't. His whole basis for talking about boxing and the matchmaking is the Pacman/Mayweather crap. And how #1 and #2 at the same weight class can't even get together to put on the fight everyone wanted to see. How is that bashing money fights? That is bashing them not being able to do the fights people want to see. While he over here is making fights the masses want to see.

It is so funny how people are still crying about this. When GSP asked for Diaz. GSP and his trainer said Diaz is #1 contender. GSP thought Kos won the Hendricks fight. And people still want to cry about this every day? Get over it. GSP, the very man everyone adores wants to fight Diaz. Tough shit.

Dana White is putting on the fights everyone wants to see. And are giving young up and coming fighters a chance to face legends earlier in their careers unlike boxing. Rory vs BJ. Gustaf vs Shogun.

You seem like you are bitching just to bitch at this point. Dana is doing exactly what he says he tries to do. Put on the biggest fights that everyone wants to see. And a majority of people want to see Diaz. CHAMP OF THE DAMN DIVISION.....???
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