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Here we go again...

So: PPV numbers dropping = UFC in decline?

Somebody show me some evidence of this. Show me that the UFC is earning less money now then when they had higher PPV numbers.

Because what I'm seeing are sponsors who are several steps above the sponsors they had a few years ago. I'm seeing more shows on network TV then ever before. I'm seeing far greater exposure = far higher ad opportunities. I'm seeing the UFC paying fighters more then ever before. Covering their insurance. The list goes on. Do these look like signs that a company is in sharp decline?

PPV is a stupid outdated model. Dana has said many times in the past he wants to move away from PPV. That's exactly what's happening. It's not decline. It's completely by design.

Till anybody has any evidence, please stop with the naive notion that the UFC is declining, just because thier PPV numbers are down.
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