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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Did I say Dana didn't know how to run a business? Nope, I said he was a poor man's Bob Arum and I said he hasn't got a PPV to go over a million buys since Brock left, which is the truth. 'The biggest fight in UFC history' only got 900,000 buys.

But if you wanna look at the last few years, you'll notice the UFC is in a pretty steep decline as far as North America goes. Ratings and Buys are significantly down, TUF is stale, the FOX deal hasn't lived up to expectations yet and the UFC recently had to cancel it's first ever PPV event.

Not to mention they have people bitching left and right about the Flyweights, Women's division, TRT, and injuries, although they can't control that last one.
most people are going to jump all over you for this, and while your post has some merit I will attribute all of that to growing pains. They are trying to transfer from niche audience to mainstream and it's hard to do, they are still turning massive profits. Once the talent pool adjusts (in 3 or 4 years) things will really start to pick up.

There is too much of a difference between the champs and the contenders because the correct ways to train for mma are only now being mastered. Once there are 10 more guys like Silva, JDS and GSP things will really pick up. It's not the promotion that's causing the growing pains, it's the talent pool lagging behind the UFC's ambitions by a few years.
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