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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post
Pretty much.

People also like to ignore, usually for the sake of convenience, that 'lower' PPV buys don't necessarily equate to fewer people watching. Step into any bar or pub on a fight night, and the place is typically packed. And then you've got those who order the PPV and split the price amongst friends - so you might have a dozen people or more at one apartment or home each chipping in for the event, which counts as a single buy. Then there are your streamers. Lesser PPV numbers doesn't mean 'sharp decline', and LL knows this. People are simply choosing alternate means of viewing an event, primarily because PPV prices are astronomical.
And what about Fight Nights? Prelims? TUF? I get PPV's are down, that's expected, the economy sucks, PPV is an outdated model and asking people to pay 60 bucks for a card that might be good is crazy but that's just one aspect of it, what about free TV? Ratings are down in all three. Of course it wasn't going to keep growing and growing and growing but I guarantee you if you go back and dig up the numbers on Spike not a single prelim special was under a million viewers. FX has had about four or five, that's not consistency, that's a DECREASE. Anyone who denies that fact that the UFC has hit a decline in North America is just kidding themselves. Hell GSP couldn't even draw over 20,000 to the Bell Centre, two years ago he sold it out with Koscheck and this was his big return at 19 months away.

Is the UFC dying? No, but is it as popular as it was back in 2009 and 2010 in the States? Absolutely not.

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