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This is a terrible thread.

What instance have you ever seen of an MMA fighter getting KOed by a random dude? That shit does not happen. If George is dumb enough to stand bareknuckle with Ross' boxing coach then he'd get KOed every time, his chin is flimsy and he can't box (box is all he does on the feet) with a boxer of that calibre.

Just like the Aussie kickboxing coach would have smashed any of the others if they decided to stand with him.

They aren't average joes though, they aren't the drunk dudes at the pub throwing haymakers.

Roflcopter was talking some silly shit about the right hook from othordox stance not being a punch used in boxing, it is a punch used in boxing it's just really hard to land. That is the only punch that idiots on the street or in the pub throw, and it will not land on any MMA fighter unless they are blindsided, but MMA fighters have the chin/recovery to be able to withstand a lot of punishment and keep coming back.

I don't know why I gave such a long reply to such a silly thread. Way too stoned.

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