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lol there was just a report the yesterday that someone placed a 6 figure bet on Colton smith at the Hard rock hotel Casino just Prior to the fight .. I am not accusing Mike Ricci of throwing the fight or anything all I am saying with the amount of $ some of these guys are getting payed It`s insane to not think some of these fighters have thrown fights .. some of them might even throw fights so well that u would not even suspect it .. u just never know haha

as for fights being fixed .. Rich Franklin took some of wander silvas best shots and did not get TKO`D or KO`d .. ur gonna tell me a very undersized 40 year old injured Cung Le KO`D Rich Franklin ?! not saying it`s not possible but it`s just very improbable .. again I could be wrong and he really did get KO`D but I highly suspect that fight was fixed but only Rich Frankling was payed to throw the fight .. Cung Le had no knowledge about it .

as for Anderson Silva`s fight .. ur gonna tell me Chael sonnen dominates the 1s fight from the start to the 5th round and gets submitted with a minute or so left .. and in the 2nd fight he dominates the 1st round again and does a stupid spinning backfist in the 2nd round and goes and gets knee`d then gets back up momentarly and anderson throws a punch that MISSED and he goes down like a sack of shit like he was just hit by a fking truck lol

same with his fight with Stephan Bonnar .. he was LOSING until he Knee`d him in the chest and stephan bonnar COVERS HIS FACE ?! and goes down with no will to fight back or no care in the world to win .

Donald Cerrone vs Nate Diaz .. Cerrone just stands there like a scarecrow eating his jabs with no head movement whatsoever .. and every time he lands a kick on diaz he drops him like a sack of shit but he does not bother to follow up on it or even continue kicking .. never have I seen Donald cerrone fight like that of ALL the fights I`ve seen of him ..

again I am not saying any of these fights were rigged or any of these fighters threw the fights .. I highly suspect they were though .

look at Dave Herman vs Big nog in brazil .. this moron just sticks his hand out like an idiot and does nothing the entire fight and had a big goofy smile on his face in between rounds .. another fight I suspect of being fixed
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