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Originally Posted by Westie View Post
I can never understand why somebody's faith would wind somebody up so much.
Coming from a neutral point of view, I rather say it's not like God is in your side in any sport, but these folks reckon everything they have(ability, health, strengh) originates from God and when they beat someone in any sport, they worship the one who made that possible. Quite ok belief, actually.

I don't want to be forced into no religion as much I don't want to attack other people's faith. One malicious line toward a fighter's faith can offend lots of people for no reason. I just think it's a matter of tasteless jokes, but if the goal of these guys is to hurt people, we are in different leagues.

No fanatism is cool either toward any God or away from them, but unless somebody is invading my space and my rights I shall respect its beliefs.
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