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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Actually for the Spartans it was for life. I love reading about this stuff. Let me dig up some info...

"Auxiliaries were required to serve a minimum of 25 years, although many served for longer periods."

Spartans were divided into three class; Spartan military, merchants, and helots/farmers/slaves. Military duty started at 18 lasted until the 60th year.

China at the moment has the largest standing army, but check this list out. Look at the expenditure...lolz! This is why the economy is where it is today.

Here are the top 10 strongest armies in the world...

1.Name: U.S.A.
Military Manpower: 144,354,117 troops
Nukes: About 12,000
Defence Spending: $515,400,000,000

2.Name: Russia
Military Manpower: 73,239,761 troops
Nukes: About 24,000
Defence Spending: $44,000,000,000

3.Name: China
Military Manpower: 729,323,673 troops
Nukes: About 2,400
Defence Spending: $17,000,000,000

4.Name: France
Military Manpower: 29,026,057 troops
Nukes: About 300
Defence Spending: $61,571,330,000

5.Name: India
Military Manpower: 584,141,225 troops
Nukes: 45-80
Defence Spending: $32,350,000,000

6.Name: Germany
Military Manpower: 38,138,073 troops
Nukes: None ( NNPT )
Defence Spending: $45,930,000,000

7.Name: U.K.
Military Manpower: 28,855,100 troops
Nukes: 185
Defence Spending: $53,148,770,000

# 8 is a tie with 2 countries...

8.Name: Brazil
Military Manpower: 104,825,878 troops
Nukes: None ( NNPT )
Defence Spending: $24,400,000,000

8.Name: Japan
Military Manpower: 54,683,598 troops
Nukes: None ( NNPT )
Defence Spending: $44,300,000,000

9.Name: Turkey
Military Manpower: 39,645,853 troops
Nukes: None ( They used to have nuclear weapons )
Defence Spending: $30,936,000,000

10.Name: Isreal
Military Manpower: 3,353,936 troops
Nukes: 50-100
Defence Spending: $18,700,000,000

As long as civilization continues there will ALWAYS be war...sadly enough.
Where did you get those numbers? There's no way America has 144 million troops considering that the entire population is only 330 million. That would mean almost half the population is in the military!
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