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Originally Posted by OUSOONERSOU View Post
I love fried pickles! Growing up they had Pickle O's at Sonic. They don't have them anymore though. It was just the round pickles that come on most hamburgers fried up. There are some places that serve fried pickle spears but I'm not as big on those. I'm a very picky eater and okra doesn't look very tasty to me when you break it open. But for some reason I love the stuff. Me and my older sister love it, but my twin sister hates it.

If you go to any state fairs they take fried food to a whole new level. At the Texas State fair they have fried twinkies! They even found a way to fry up Coca-Cola!
Come again...fried Cola. I love Coca Cola. I go on a binge every now and then where I eat whole pizzas, 2 liter of Coca Cola or Root Beer, bucket of ice cream, bags of Doritos then I cut it. Otherwise I usually eat organic veggies and fruits...roflz! Old habits. I have one thing in common with Saddam Hussein. He loved eating doritos. Actually two things in common. His favorite movie was Godfather. Go figure...

Great topic!

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Baked, not fried... the healthy choice.

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