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Originally Posted by Crester View Post
It's not sexist... the division has no depth and is a joke. Dana for ages said he's not going to have a Women's Division because the talent pool is too shallow... then suddenly he meets Ronda and changes his mind? And the Women's Division is suddenly "really legit" and is something to be taken seriously?
Of course it has no depth. That's why its a big deal. They have to start somewhere for fecks sake. These first steps are a big f*ucking deal to the ladies. It means the top of the food chain as far as WMMA is concerned is now the UFC. The big dog. If I need to explain to you what a big deal this is, then I'm guess there's no point trying. You calling it a joke shows you to be as sexist as they are.

And yes, Ronda has changed his mind. Maybe its because shes cute... and maybe it's because her grappling skills are some of the best in the UFC, men included.

Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Every division has to start somewhere. Most women who belong in it are signed to Invicta which is owned by a former UFC employee. Don't you guys think they will fill the division up over time?
At least some of us here can see some sense.
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