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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Of course it has no depth. That's why its a big deal. They have to start somewhere for fecks sake. These first steps are a big f*ucking deal to the ladies. It means the top of the food chain as far as WMMA is concerned is now the UFC. The big dog. If I need to explain to you what a big deal this is, then I'm guess there's no point trying. You calling it a joke shows you to be as sexist as they are.
I'm not sexist... I'm being honest. Did the flyweight division in the UFC start with only 2 fighters??? No they let the talent establish itself in other organizations before they brought it to the Big Leagues... aka the UFC.

They should have let the talent pool get deeper before starting the division... and for sure before they have that division of only 2 people headlight a PPV event.

So Ronda beats this girl (I don't even know her name)... then what??? We wait two years for them to find someone else to fight her?
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