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So I watched some God of War: Ascension multiplayer beta videos, for those that don't know certain people got the beta early and are posting videos on YouTube, and for the rest of us you can play the beta on December 8th if you are a PS+ user.

Anywho, I watched a full set of videos someone uploaded, like 20 parts, and I have to say.... it looks amazing. The beta has 2 game modes and 2 maps, raw Deathmatch which is like 5 vs 5 or something, guy who gets the best K/D ratio wins (like any game with a DM mode), then a team objective mode, where you capture control points/open chests/fight a giant ogre in the middle of the arena/etc to earn points, plus killing someone earns points as well. In typical GOW fashion you have finisher moves, like ripping people's arms offs and crusing their skulls into the ground, should be great doing that to other real players.

It has full weapon/armor/skill unlock trees as you level up throughout the multiplayer, think COD style, armor/weapons change the look of your character (plus damage/armor bonus I assume) and new skills are... new skills. Cool that it has a progression system like that, though.

Like, I was very skeptical thinking "why would they add multiplayer to a GOW game...?", however it looks like they really put a lot of effort into it and it looks extremely fun, I can't wait to get my hands on the beta and the game in general, very impressed.

Sample video for those who have never seen it:

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