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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
Galfond is the greatest poker mind of the online generation. His videos are the nuts, I've watched tons of them. What videos of his were you watching?

You might be aware of this already, but Galfond recently launched his own video training site, featuring vids by him, fellow high stakes legend Di "Urindanger" Dang and young swedish whizzkid Isildr00n to name a few. By the looks of it it will be the best poker training site there is. I'm taking a break from poker right now till the new year, then I'm gonna sign up. For Omaha that site is the nuts.
EDIT: Satellite tourney to the Sunday Million.

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I'll take a look at that.

Group of us who are making runs on poker. One got backed and lost it all. Now he's running games. Another lost $20k in wsop playin' tournies...lolz! Crazy friend lost $20k playing PLO and has quit poker altogether. Another cashed $30k in the main. Good friend won 3rd place x 2 + another cash and is running hot. Out of everyone only one is an online pro making six figures. So it really got me thinking. What makes them successful. Three of them have a substantial bankroll. The one who lost $20k in the main always loses, but still continues to play. Even banned himself from the casinos. Go figure. Online pro smokes weed and is just the most patient player you'll ever meet.

Good to take a break to reassess your game. I did that for ONE YEAR. Probably going to make a run on online again definitely not in the low micro limits. Too much of a grind. Probably low to mid and play some tournies.

Profitted the most playing 5-10/10-20, but bankroll is not at that level anymore. I wonder if Omaha will be the next big thing.

PS: Try playing higher stakes. It'll take you forever to win anything meaningful at micro stakes. You have a really good mind for poker at your age.

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