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Originally Posted by luckbox View Post
This is definitely true. Back in those days I broke even in the games even though I was truly terrible. The me of 2012 would crush those games but that goes for most regulars today. Still, these things goes in waves. NLHE was around for a century without the skill level really rising at all. Then poker boomed, cash flowed in, young, incredibly bright guys like Phil Galfond, Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Ben Sulsky and all the online superstars of today saw an opportunity to make major cash, worked insanely hard at poker and nearly solved the damn game. But poker won't be like it is now forever. It's booming in Asia, and when it gets regulated in America, if the US economy is steady, fish will flow in again. I wouldn't worry about the games being this tough forever.
Hope you're right. I like competition, but I gotta say it's a LOT funner making money consistently. Wonder when the sites are going to allow US players again. Germans and Russians give me headaches cuz they NEVER fold. I mean I shove with the nuts and they still call...which is scary. Cuz more time than not one has a marginal hand or say JJ or QQ and you want to end it. I still get nightmares over a pretty big pot I lost years ago on FT. It was against Ionoso.

Listening to the video. He makes a good instructor. That's pretty neat, they'll analyze your plays for you if you sign up.

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