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Originally Posted by JoshKnows46 View Post

I kinda felt like meathead threw his last fight, after he gets knocked down, he looks up to the camera and you can see in his eyes he's fully aware of his suroundings, and he's takin hard shots like that before like nothing. but instead of defending he just curls up after looking up at the camera, and the gets up smiling from ear to ear and shaking hands with roy...he either purposly threw that fight, or he just has zero heart. and i was a meathead fan, but that last fight was suspect....felt like he threw that fight, but he's too stupid to pull it off good.
I don't think he was throwing the fight I think he was saving his teeth, his mouth guard was knocked out previously and you could tell he was doing his best for a stall.

Anyways the only fight that I know was thrown was Oleg Taktarov and Anthony Macias

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