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Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
Maybe you're too young to remember the times before the new gun laws, but in Australia there where similar discussions in the 1990s and in 1996 government decided to make gun laws more strict. And it DID have a considerable effect on the number of mass schootings:


And guns don't really help to protect against assaults if you're not a constantly trained professional. It's just a fantasy that teachers with guns would have gunned down the attacker or those people in the movie theatre could have stopped that gun attacker. It's really just a movie fantasy that in absolutely the most cases doesn't work that way in real life. More guns around in those assault scenarios just open new threats for innocent bystanders.

That was a nous study with immature college kids and the people the say are trained students are not trained there just people who have stood infront of a target and shot

I have shot competitively since I was 12 and really I can say yeah it's difficult to be competitively accurate putting bullets in small boxes while moving but no hard to hit a a silluet the shape of a human body from reasonable distance.

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