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I find it so hard to partake in this discussion without stepping on people's toes as gun ownership and gun laws are very personal to people who have grown up with the right to bear arms.

I'm 25 years old and I've never know anyone who owned a gun for any other purpose than hunting or competitive shooting. And those guns had to be stored in safes in clubhouses and could not be brought home, ever.

My childhood girlfriend was stabbed to death at a halloween party at her highschool by a jealous ex (I was not dating her at the time and hadn't been for years) and at the time it broke my heart, still does. She was the only fatality but two guys were also stabbed, one in the throat and another in the chest, both survived. They were trying to pull him off of her (She was stabbed a total of 35 times in front of 60-70 people, some thought it was a gag with it being halloween and all).

My point is, even with this having happened in my life, I would still never, NEVER condone private citizens carrying guns. I know I'm from a totally different kind of society than most of you guys, I'm just trying to describe how alien the idea of having a gun on your person or in your home sounds to some people around the world.

And that's why this debate is so weird to me, because when I put my opinion out there I'm always shot down because I just don't realize how society works where you guys are at, and what is socially acceptable. It's facsinating and a little scary to me.

BTW I'm not trying to pass judgement here, just giving a different view on the idea of gun ownership

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