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Cain has the luxury of being protected by the Ufc marketing machine...

They would never allow any of their tv personalities to bring up the Kongo incident or harp on the JDS Tko because they have to protect there Latino asset, Cain is the gateway to Mexico (or so they hope). The marketing is that he blew out his knee and fought injured (even though JDS was injured as well) so people will tune in again.

JDS is huge for Brazil and everywhere else in the world likes the guy cause he comes off so nice, but we would all be kidding ourselves if the Ufc wouldn't rather have Cain as champ as he is American with the Latino back story. He was born in the states yet they market the @$&@ out of the fact that he is "Mexican" or "Latino"

The tv personalities still bring up the GSP/Serra chin incident from 6 years ago, because deep down despite him being the PPV "king", an American champ is probably more marketable.

Point is Cain is going to have déjà vu, see tweetie birds and have to hire Dolce and chase the belt at 205

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