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I am with Budhi here I think a society where anyone can own a gun is crazy and terrifying. I find it ridiculous that people can honestly defend "I need a gun to defend me from guys with guns" argument and I find it incredible that the solution to say the tragic shooting in Connecticut is to "have guns in classrooms/arm teachers etc" opposed to actual gun control.

That said I live in a country where a few farmers own guns for hunting and that's about it (shops can't even sell knives other than silver cutlery ones here) and as much as I despise the gun culture in America I realise that it is just that, your culture and it is so engrained in society I think it is just the way it is over there and it won't ever change.

Do I think people should carry/own guns? Whole heartedly no. But America is past the point you could do anything about it even if you wanted to. I have no idea what the solution to shootings/gun related massacres is other than a better outreach programme for those with mental illness as I really doubt anything can be done about the guns themselves.

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