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Yeah that's pretty much what I saw. I was never a fan of his striking, other than some nice kicks and wicked pace with some decent power he is not that technical.

But then again not many true MMAists have outstanding standup. Cain is great at MMA, but his base is and always will be his wreslting.

He has killer GNP, determination, heart and awesome wrestling. How he manhandled Ben and Brock was pretty impressive.

People have been saying that he has a glass jaw because of the Kongo fight, but I always thought that overall he takes shots well. As far as the rematch is concerned, the only way he wins this is if he will be able to get JDS down to the ground and keep him there.

He's one of the few (DC comes to mind as well) in the division that I give remotely a chance at taking JDS down, but it won't be easy because JDS's TDD is superb.

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