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go ahead and neg rep for going a little off track for a second if you must. but this is the only platform i have to ask this without starting a new thread and i dont think its worthy of a new thread.

has anyone else ever brought up that BROWN PRIDE is indeed a very serious hispanic gang in this country? He has it clearly tatted on his chest. Im not saying that he was for sure a gang affiliate, but if i seen him on cops instead of the UFC, thatd be my first thought. Maybe he just has it because hes a prowd hispanic. Not trying to start a fire here, just wondering if anyone watches Gangland and has ever thought about this.

On topic! Cain's stand up certainly isn't technical. But damn its usually effective. That first fight was the first ever UFC on FOX and there was a lot riding on this. I hope just for the sake of a better fight that Cain can score some TD's and not go out there and strike with JDS. For some reason JDS has a wicked way of making guys forget the old saying "dance with the girl that brought you". Shane Carwin, Cain, Frank, I watched all those fights on PPV and was screaming TAKEDOWN!! At least attempt it! Hell, Frank didnt even try but for 1 that I recall. Why is it that the oversized heavys with world class grappling get in there with arguably the baddest striker out there (he hasnt fought Ubereem yet)that is smaller than them and think, eh shit, Im bigger, Ill just beat him up. And then lose. Bad. JDS not only beat those 3 guys, but beat em up. Id hate to meet Carwin in a back alley, but damn JDS whooped him round after round.

Ill stop my babbling but yes Cain does get hit a lot and its because hes not a technical striker. He has tons of power and can finish off other grapplers with his strikes, but he needs to shoot, shoot, and shoot again on JDS. I fear that we may be talking about Johnny Hendricks this way one day. He keeps KOing guys and the next thing ya know he thinks he's Lyoto Machida. I hope that doesnt happen.

All I want out of Cain and JDS is a good back and forth fight with a finish in round 3. Either guy can win and I'll be happy. I just hope its more than 2 minutes because I respect both guys and dont want to see anyone of them embarassed.

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