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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
What does that mean?
On entering UFC 4: In UFC 4 I was basically a last minute fill in. I trained for 5 days, an hour and a half a day in Lima, Ohio with Al Snow. They had a pair of old boxing gloves and the name of the game was punch and kick Dan. Dan doesn’t like to be punched and kicked. So I would put on amateur wrestling moves and make them illegal. Make them scream or squawk and that was my training camp. I never trained how to strike. And I never trained any other kind of submission.

On his debut match which was highlighted by a series of dynamic suplexes and slams: The first match was against Anthony Macias. They had never seen a grown man bodily pick up someone and fling them around like a rag doll the way I did.

On the championship match with Royce Gracie: I took Royce right down. I had him on his back. And I was trying some of the submissions that worked in my long (laughs) training camp, and these weren’t exactly working on him. Then I started to think, well I think I’m gonna have to hit this guy. But I never trained it. The fact is I had to actually think about it whereas any other fighter, you look for an opportunity and you do it. Even when I threw the strikes I did, I threw them peripherally—to the side. The side of his head. I couldn’t smack a guy dead center in the face. These were all just to the side.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Well I’m staring right through his soul. I could read exactly what was going through his mind. I mean, he’s there looking over at his dad outside the cage. He was like, “dad I’m hanging in here, but if you were to throw that towel in, I wouldn’t hold it against you.” So when I turned my eyes from Royce’s over at his father Helio. Helio had the towel in his hand. He looked at me; he brought that towel up; he crossed his arms with that towel underneath it, and he just shook his head “no.” And I (thought), “you old bastard, you’d let me kill your kid out here for Gracie jiu jitsu.”

On his “defeat” to another legend: Yeah I lost that night. But did I lose because someone beat me? Or did I lose because I couldn’t do what I had to do? I know what went down. All I know is when the match was over, I stood up and Royce embraced me. He says “you’re the toughest man I’ve ever gone against.” I thanked him, but in my mind I’m thinking, “you haven’t seen anything of what I’m capable of doing.”

Reflecting on UFC 4: When I walked out at UFC 4; oh my god yes, I was just a wrestler. And I showed the world what a true world class wrestler can do.

And once more because this is such an awesome line and a perfect forecast of the rest of this true legend’s career: You haven’t seen anything of what I’m capable of doing.
The guy had all of 10 hours of MMA training and he made it to the finals.

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