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Originally Posted by americanfighter View Post
I could get on board with this but the copelling factor is that rich did no damage after this and didn't the fight till the next round therefore even if he did act like he was hurt by that punch it resulted in nothing to effect the outcome of the fight.
Again...this fight ended in the first.

Originally Posted by Guy Incognito View Post

Herr derr. once again. you should actually watch fights brah.
Yeah brah, he made it look like he was attempting something, you know...can't make it that obvious...except for 2 minutes later when Shamrock "slips" trying that head kick and literally just watched Rich climb on top and start pounding his face. He absolutely made no effort to stop him from doing this. But you're obviously all knowing and everyone who has a different opinion is, I wish I could win the internet too.
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