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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
They would have to make it a legit class. My buddy recently took the class for a concealed license. He said it was a joke and the easiest class he had ever taken in his life. Then he sent in the paperwork and that was that.
I also took that class recently and it is a joke. Hopefully most of the people I was in class with will be too unconfident to pull their firearms, bystanders will be shot.

The main point that I wanted to make that most people seem to not understand is the amount of guns that will still be available even if the 1994 assault weapons ban is put back in to place. That's basically the least that will happen if anything imo.

If the AWB is reinstated there are still somewhere between 270,000,000 and 350,000,000 guns in america depending on which website you believe that will be perfectly legal. There have been over 16,000,000 background checks performed this year. Of those 16,000,000, many of them are for multiple firearm purchases.

This wiki link states that the ban didn't really do much if anything. Of course it is wiki so take with a grain of salt.

Basically the 1994 awb banned high capacity magazines and features of firearms that were more cosmetic than anything. No folding or collapsible stocks sold. They were still sold by the way they just needed some tinkering to make them function. Pins in the way, had to be bought in separate kits, etc...

This gun would be illegal

This one would not.



Basically nothing besides confiscation will change anything about the gun culture in America other than the prices of weapons included in the ban. Prices will rise for pre ban weaponry but essentially nothing will change. If confiscation is their answer my bet will be that a civil war will break out.

The american citizens could arm the 2nd and 3rd largest armies in the world. I can't find a link for that statistic but I know I've read it somewhere. The citizens of the US are armed to the teeth.

I don't think it would be covered in the media much but there are alot of people that will return fire if someone comes to disarm them. If and when they do I'm sure they will be called murderers, rebels, etc...but they will be doing something that the 2nd amendment lawfully allows them to do.

I hope it doesn't come to that but the way the government and media attempt to group people by race, values, and political stance in an attempt to pit people against each other I wouldn't be surprised if it does.

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