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Originally Posted by JWP View Post
Was surprised to see the NRA come out and say that you want a policeman in every school to shoot the bad guys

like this is an ideal situation

for me education at a young age around things like emotions, awareness of self and how good the world is for a young child in the western world (compared to most of the world, or anyone alive before 1900)

compassion, empathy etc etc

they should teach this shit in school and not make it so hard to compete for honours in the adult world. i remember in 3rd grade trying to choose a career based on the money, so wrong

you need to identify the beginnings of a psycho earlier and help them

as for the guns. i dont see them as necessery. but raising less psycho's should be the priority
Trained, armed, guards protect our banks, grocery stores, politicians, nuclear power plants and others and noone thinks it's a bad idea. Why would the NRA training ex military and retired law enforcement officers FOR FREE to protect children in schools be so different?

It would create new jobs and more importantly give retired persons a way to make money who have lost out bigtime on their 401k's and give ex military who have enough trouble finding employment a sense of accomplishment when they return from war overseas. Many schools already have armed guards.

I honestly don't see why the cost of protecting school children is such a high priority and I don't even like children for the most part. Most of them are whiny, annoying, little bastards imo

The NRA has been training some of the best before most of your parents were born and they want to do it for free to protect the offspring of all Americans. What is so bad about that?

Originally Posted by AmdM View Post
I would suggest to study the before and after homicide rates in countries that have successfully applied strict gun control, but i guess that wouldn't come out favorable for your pov so you better leave that alone.
As I stated in my earlier post, aside from confiscation that would result in civil war there is no law that will unarm Americans. I'm not even going to waste my time looking at homicide rates tbh. What other suggestions do you have?

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