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Originally Posted by guycanada View Post
Cain has the luxury of being protected by the Ufc marketing machine...

They would never allow any of their tv personalities to bring up the Kongo incident or harp on the JDS Tko because they have to protect there Latino asset, Cain is the gateway to Mexico (or so they hope).

The tv personalities still bring up the GSP/Serra chin incident from 6 years ago, because deep down despite him being the PPV "king", an American champ is probably more marketable.
It's true, but there's a problem with that. Brock had the it factor and was their main draw. Eventually he got beat twice and most likely against JDS had they fought. The UFC may "favor" fighters, but they understand full well that each of their stable of fighters may come and go for different reasons so they're able to throw their weight behind anyone. They didn't know how to market JDS so they put em against all the toughest opponents and he kept knocking them out. Seriously who has to go through the path he did to get the title.

So yah Cain would be a viable option to push towards that market, but it's irrelevant. They'll still get that demographic although it would be easier with a Hispanic champion at the helm.

Originally Posted by 3DLee View Post
go ahead and neg rep for going a little off track for a second if you must. but this is the only platform i have to ask this without starting a new thread and i dont think its worthy of a new thread.

has anyone else ever brought up that BROWN PRIDE is indeed a very serious hispanic gang in this country? He has it clearly tatted on his chest. Im not saying that he was for sure a gang affiliate, but if i seen him on cops instead of the UFC, thatd be my first thought. Maybe he just has it because hes a prowd hispanic. Not trying to start a fire here, just wondering if anyone watches Gangland and has ever thought about this.
Hey yo! Watch those shows, documentaries, and read books about it. First, Brown Pride is not a gang it's more of a symbolism to show unity. Latino gangs are many; MS-13, 18 Street, Hazard, White Fence, Florencia 13, Latin Kings, and basically every street corner in the hood. Divided into hispanic, African Americans, and other ethnic minorities. Many sub divisions, crews, sides, factions, regions, etc. In prison it's segregated by race so old rivalries are pretty much gone. Cain while hispanic would be considered a Norteno which means he could very well have issues against Surenos. It's prison politics. The woods are under the AB banner don't matter if you banged in a black, hispanic, or Asian gang with the exception of the La Eme founder (Joe "Peg Leg" Morgan who was Croatian) which is pretty damn rare. Blacks are with BGF or CN. Others are in PC or segregated and not in the mainlines or GP. Shotcallers are in the SHU (PB prison) and triple OGs are in ADX; mafia bosses, bombers, cartel and gang leaders, etc.

I could literally go on for another 100 pages. Some of the shows portray a different light, for the most part I think it's fairly accurate. Ultimately it is a contradiction. You can't see WP without claming racism while minorities do it all the time. Sadly BP is no longer around as the government viewed them as a local militant/terrorist group and completely dismantled the organization. That was the 50's - 80's. Once the 80's came around it was the rise of the B's and C's. That's another topic.

Personally it doesn't bother me at all. You see it all the time. Good for them if they're proud of their heritage. He speaks it fluently and carries himself well. I liked how his coach said to him when he first started training that he's to mop the floor even when becomes champion. Lo and behold it flash pans to him mopping the floor. That's modesty and hardwork you can not teach. It has to be ingrained.

I would have picked JDS again, but something tells me we'll see a trilogy so I did pick Cain and have a nice lil million dollar credit bet with LL. Yahoo!

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