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Originally Posted by Hawndo View Post
Can I ask, and this isn't me trying to be a dick or anything but have any of you gun owners ever actually had to shoot another person?

I find it quite interesting that people who own guns say they do so for defence, which implies they have them to use on intruders/attackers but I'm intrigued to hear if you have ever actually had to use one. I find the thought of shooting someone quite scary and horrible to be honest and I am quite interested to hear what normal average Joes like myself would feel about killing or maiming someone? The way I hear Americans speak about it it seems to be quite matter of fact and just kinda "done". I'd have second thoughts about punching someone full force never mind firing at someone!
Never had to and hopefully never will. There are definitely Americans that seem to want to be in that situation though. These types aren't the funnest to shoot guns with

Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
Do you seriously think that if people in the audience at the dark knight rises assault were armed it would have been of any help in that situation┐ I mean seriously┐ In a dark movie theatre gun fire is opened, then more gun fire is opened. Panic breaks loose. How do you know, in a dark movie theatre where people run around in chaos, who the bad guy(s) are and who the good guy(s) are. How do the good guy(s) make sure that they don't hit innocent people┐

I mean, when you're on your lonely farm and there is some intruder who starts an attack, it's pretty clear who the bad guy is and who just defends his farm, but come on. Thinking that armed civilians would have been of any help in a chaotic movie theatre assault situation is just bad action movie fantasies.
Strange how this story received next to zero publicity.
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