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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
I'd agree with osmisium fully if he didn't use words stupidly.

No, George didn't win any "exchanges". The word exchange implies that they were actually trading punches.

Since, well, trade and exchange are synonyms.

George did no trading whatsover....but the general sentiment I generally agree with... the second round he mostly handed Pearson his ass with long jabs and generalship while mostly avoiding the power punches of Pearson...the problem was they were just nuisance punches and he landed nothing really damaging...then he got lit up at the end of the round he was winning with huge power punches.

But he definitely outboxed Pearson in the 2nd round(not the first)

That said I still didn't have him winning a round because he got beat the **** up.
Roflcopter, still waiting to see proof of you being a fighter. I called you out in that other thread, I sent you a private message, and I'm calling you out again now.

After all the talk, where's the proof?

Anyways with that aside, I agree that George did outbox Pearson for a few minutes in the second round. But that was just a small section of the fight.

Though, I have to insist thats because Pearson was straying from his usual head movement and feinting. Whether he was being lazy or disdainful, the result was a slow plodding march and attacks without setup. But once Ross got his feints and timing going, he landed punches that put Soti on the floor.

I'd also like to ask, what do we mean by 'outboxing?'

When I say it, I mean who landed more punches and/or did more damage with his hands. I realize this is how the term is used more in MMA and kickboxing circles where boxing is just a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole thing.

In the context of the sport of boxing, 'outboxing' someone would mean something very similar (landing more/damaging more with the hands) but also imply ringmanship, control of range, and good defense.

In that sense especially, Soti outboxed Pearson in the second round and maybe thats what Osmium means.

By the 'MMA definition,' where damage (especially) and volume of punches are the main things considered, I'd say it was all Ross.

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