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It's not possible to have any meaninful gun control that doesn't include completely outlawing guns for citizens and going to every home and taking their guns, which isn't going to happen, ever. There are 0 laws that are realistically ever going to pass that will prevent mass shootings, it's part of the society right now.

You know how to help prevent mass shootings? Stop putting them on the news. Stop plastering the gunman's face on the news to get attention so that other crazy people think "now that's how I can get noticed, that's my ticket", stop talking about it on Facebook. People like this tend to want attention and all the media and citizens do is give it to them for weeks.

Also, it's not scary living in a society with guns for those who think it would be. In fact, if you live here you pretty much never think about it, the vast majority of people live full and healthy lives without ever being in gunfire or anything. Guns are just another freedom that American's have that let us own, collect, and have the rights to.
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