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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
TBH i never clicked the other thread about Henderson and this. So i kinda am guilty of just assuming that it was Henderson that was complaining about women headlining. I thought it was a bit out of character but at the same time i can see Hendo being pretty old school and people back in the day would probably see this as an insult. (I dont know... maybe... im sure some people would)

So yeah this thread helped clear that up for me. And the "Damage Control" by Henderson worked.

Then you shouldnt call it staged. People are gonna think you are saying that the fight will be scripted or something. And this is MMA fights are never 100% certain.

That said Dana White did say that buncha fighters turned down the fight. And they WERE trying to make the cyborg fight happen. Probably would have happened too if it wasnt for Ortiz.
Rousey is BIGGER than Cyborg and her first at 135 was against Tate( for the belt!!! even if she never fought in that division, some would think that Ronda slept with somebody to pull it of) and for her second fight she literally had to starve herself to make weigh.
She always fought at 145 and kept her dirty mouth shut before Cyborg pissed hot. Now that she's found a way to duck Cyborg she pretends that Cyborg is afraid of her which is nonsense, not everybody can have the Dolce diet.

You just can not find good assassins these days!
I give this bitch a month before someone comes forth with better aim and does what must be done.
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