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Originally Posted by The Best Around View Post
I am sure you would be quiet if you were robbed of a six-figure payday in favor of someone who did not deserve it.

Bad situation for Hendricks. Should be fighting GSP and instead could find himself lower on the ladder again.
Fighters that technically deserve a title shot get "robbed" or passed up all the damn time.

It is amazing how a lot of people here act like it is the first time it has ever happened. News flash, it isn't.

What about Hendo? He was easily the rightful #1 contender, a legend of the sport, SF champ, 41 year old man who has paid his dues and is an exciting fighter. He gets hurt, and instead of scheduling him and Jones in say March....they opted to give a 185er coming off a clear loss and who hasn't competed at 205 in years...his title shot. And Hendo gets to fight a guy like Machida instead.

Do you hear Hendo crying like a girl every day? No. He said 1 thing about it and moved the fock on.

Where is Hendrick's SF championship? Where is Hendrick's legend status? Where is Hendrick's Hendo-like following? News flash....he has none of that.

Hendricks is acting like a girl.
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