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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
You're pretty gullible if you think messing with your hormones will improve your overall life quality.

Make you feel younger while sterilizing you, giving you acne, mood problems, insomnia, man boobs, and a lifelong dependency isn't improving your life quality. It's short sightedness.

The only thing it'll truly improve is your doctor and big pharma's bank account.
Your pretty misinformed on ALL your information, Getting levels that are low to very low up to the norm will improve many areas of your over all quality of life without ANY of the problems you mentioned above.
Major abuse may are may not cause some or all of the problems you listed but just getting low levels up to what they once were will not cause those problems.

Although 33 is probably way to early to need TRT. Im in my mid 40's and started TRT about 6 months ago, My levels were low probably due to some past steroid abuse in my late 20's, hard to say for sure but I am glad i got my levels tested.
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