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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Cruz doesn't deserve any points until he fights again!
This doesn't work like that.
Details are on the website, but I can put few explanations here.

Score that is used here is called AllTimeTotal (ATT) and represents overall career achievement.

Following formula is used:

AllTimeTotal = CareerScore_End + CareerScore_Max
+ Dominance + Quarterly_Historical_Ranking_Count
+ BestRankings + MaxScore + ChampPoints

How is how those different components change in time?

1. PointsBestRankings and MaxScore are the highest achievements, and once you reach them you donít lose them.

2. CareerScore_Max also stays the same after maximum is reached, but if you start losing fights, your CareerScore_End is slipping.

3. Every quarter end (3 month period) fighters that are among best fighters get additional Dominance and Quarterly_Historical_Ranking_Count points. If somebody retires at the top, he will keep receiving additional points for few more quarters.
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