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In my opinion there was some KEY mistakes that Cain made in the first fight:

-Cain is wrestler, turned Boxer, and like a lot of these guys the end up trying to prove a point that they can go toe with a guy who specializes in Stand up. In Dos Santo's Case, Boxing.
Cain is a good boxer too don't get me wrong, but he took a hard overhand shot to the top of the dome and ended up on the ground and those shots to ear finished him. In my experience (fighting in the gym and on the street) those shots to the ear no matter how well prepared you are will REALLY HURT you. So what Cain did wrong was that he circled left.

What Cain should have done was block the overhand right and go for the take down right after.

If Cain wants to set the pace in the fight then he has to take a risk and go for the take down as many others in this thread have stated. He really needs to make Dos Santos work if he gets him down also.

I'm really intrigued for this fight because I want to see (if taken down) can Junior Dos Santos get passed the Boxing and make it more of a Wrestling match.

It's gonna come down to being Cain being a little more careful, being aggressive and controlling the wrestling of the fight.

If Dos Santos wants to win he's gonna have use his jab and keep distance and use that uppercut if Cain shoots in.

I'm gonna be safe and pick Dos Santos, but I would not be shocked to see Cain put Dos Santos on his back and win by TKO in the second round. But to be safe I'm gonna say Dos Santos wins.
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