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Chris Lytle contemplating return - "Would probably come back for a Nick Diaz type"

ďYou know, there always is [an interest in fighting again] and it never really left me, but the reason I kinda retired was I just wasnít putting in enough time in the family and I just canít commit myself to that kind of training anymore where Iím gone at all times every time, so, you never know. I always say if maybe something came up with a guy I want to fight, something happens to his opponent like a week out I might take that, so that could happen. Barring that? No Iím not, Iím not going to go back to training full time.Ē

ďNo, I donít really care about [it being a title fight], itís more about the type of person, you know I want Ė thereís a few guys, you know man like a Nick Diaz type guy who, I like Nick I wouldnít really want to fight him, but maybe something like who, I like the way he comes forward to fight you, to punch you in the face and take you go out and just go the whole time and doesnít really care about a decision. Thatís the way I am, so, guys like that, you know, I always like the way certain guys like that fight. Maybe like a Carlos Condit, something like that those type of fights interest me. But, you know, those are kind of big fights that I donít see happening unless their opponent pulls out at the last minute and they need somebody.Ē

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