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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Cain Velasquez will prove to be a top three MMA wrestler in this fight. He'll latch onto a single, dump Junior onto his back and destroy him from the top position until the referee dives in to stop Junior from more punishment.

Dude is like a fish out of water on the ground, time for Cain to exploit that weakness.
That only makes sense considering how often JDS has been taken down and dominated on the ground. Oh wait... it looks like that has never happened in the UFC. Not once. Not even against Cain. Who, in fact, was casually shrugged off in their first fight.

So what makes you think this fight will be any different? What have you seen that makes you think JDS is a fish out of water? The one sub attempt by Carwin that never came close to finishing him? Or the multitude of "superior" grapples he has left koed on the mat? Which do you weigh more? Because if it's the first you really need to lay off the pipe.

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