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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I find it a little heartbreaking that many of you thought the UFC was this ranking, fair, strict competition.

I feel bad for all you guys. Like when kids first learn of Santa being fake. Or when I was a lad and found out Pro Wrestling wasn't real.

Chin up fellas!
I was so upset when I found out wrasslin wasn't real, LOL!

Rarely ever is the legitimacy / competitiveness of facebook, undercard and even most non-main event (or co-main event) fights questioned before hand. The fighters are all "middle of the road" so to speak, and have a legit chance of winning, no matter the vegas odds.

It's the number of idiotic title / main-card fights that have people up in arms recently. The GSP/Diaz one is the least of concern -- Diaz lost a close 3 round to 2 fight for the interim belt. I don't ever recall Hendricks/Kampmann being billed as a #1 contender fight, even if Hendricks is deserving of a shot. That said, GSP/Diaz is still an obvious questionable fight, but apparently it's the fight GSP wanted, and Dana would be more than happy to comply because he knows it will sell more than GSP/Hendricks. Hendricks doesn't have fans. Diaz does, and GSP has probably more fans than anyone. Silva/Bonnar was a joke, even though it was to save a card. Sonnen/JBJ is simply the most obvious disaster of them all. Sonnen talked his way into a rematch with Silva -- how in the hell did he manage to get a title shot in a division he's never even won a fight in?

The facebook, undercard and first few main-card fights will be where the real fights take place in the coming years. (co) main-event status has become more about what fights will sell the most, and not the best matchups.

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