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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
Because all those guys are analysis not play by play.
There are only a few legit play by play guys, Quadros, Mauro, The Voice, and that guy from the WEC.

Also Bonnar is shit and Florian is too much of a ******* ***** to spit real and just goes with company line hype machine type of commentary on every fight.

Rogan overhyped things but for the most part he says what he actually feels and won't hesitate to downplay something if appropriate.

Florian is the kind of retard that will act like Mendes deserves a title shot after knocking out the garbage man they found outside the venue just before the fight.

Couture is bearable but he barely offers insight and is pretty unenthusiastic. That said, he's basically a glorified play by play guy already so he wouldnt be that bad.
In reference to the first bolded part....THANK YOU! I wondered if that was going to be pointed out.

The second part? LOL @ questioning Florians intelligence.

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