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Like that Wu Tang was posted in here

But as apparently the official defender of the UFC, heres my take on everything.

1. GSP specifically asked for the Diaz fight. GSP is one of the more loyal and legendary fighters in UFC history, and he has never turned down a fight. What makes people think GSP is ducking Hendricks when he's fought and beat better men (Like Condit for example)? GSP hates Diaz. Diaz was trash talking GSP (To hype their fight, not to talk his way into a shot) and GSP desperatley wanted his chance to put Nick in his place. Dana wanted to reward the loyal and legendary fighter's consistancy by granting him this shot. To be fair aswell, it's not like Nick isn't one of the best if not the best WW not holding the belt now, so it's not the most farfetched decision ever. It was all down to GSP asking for this fight and Dana White obliguing.

2. Sonnen got the title shot 100% because he made Jones look like a bitch in the biggest rivalry of the year. Sonnen getting the shot originally was a worst case scenario, and Dana had no choice but to pick the first guy he could. When Jones turned it down, EVERYONE was talking about how much of a bitch he was throughout it all, and it made it very interesting. I agree, Sonnen should be nowhere near the title, but lets not act like we all didnt talk about this more than anything else this year, and lets not act like we wont be watching the shit out of this TUF. Bad decision for title prestigue imo but it's going to make some of the best TV in years iin UFC.

3. The continous talk about Ronda changed Dana's mind. Left right and centre people asked about her, and eventually he caved in and is giving it a shot. It might not be permanent but with Rousey's popularity it is worth a shot to give maybe the greatest female fighter of all time a shot in the greatest fighting company of all time.

Jeez, you'd think everyone hates MMA on here or something.

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