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Originally Posted by NoYards View Post
Not in total agreement with Diaz getting this fight, but I'm not going to cry over it, what's done is done.

My question is, has Diaz started his usual bad mouthing conptemtious disrespectful madman rantings yet? Or doe she have enough brain cells left to realize he's likely going to get a full and complete 5 round beatdown this time, and isn't going to have any excuses to whine about after the fight?
Diaz may flip you off in the cage. May get in your face at weigh ins.

But where does he ever talk shit? We hardly even hear from him in between fights. When reporters ask him what he thinks will happen, he says its a fight anything can happen, we will see.

Diaz being a shit talker is extremely exaggerated by a lot of people. Outside of fight week he really doesn't even say a word. Not sure why people act like he talks so much....he talks a lot less than your average fighter.

Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
Dana is outright mental. Condit fought his fight and baited Diaz into situations that entire fight. That fight was ******* embarrassing for Diaz IMO.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the fact of the matter is many fighters had Diaz as the winner. No not just your brawlers. Fighters ranging from Mark Munoz, Ellenberger, to Cody McKenzie, to Cung Le, to Pat Militich, to Chuck Liddell, to Anderson Silva, to Koscheck. From the soft spoken good guys of the sport, to the old guard guys, to current fighters like Kos and Ellenberger who don't even really care for Diaz.

No opinion is wrong. But FACT is A LOT of credible MMA fighters had Diaz winning that fight.

And from what I remember Dana had Condit winning 3-2. But his opinion doesn't even count. What is he supposed to say? Come buy Condit/GSP everyone! Even though I had Diaz as the winner! He has to back the guy he is promoting next. If Diaz was awarded the decision he would have said he had it 3-2 Diaz.

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