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Very interesting fight, it's going to take me a while to get all the details figured out but one thing I noticed was Cain committing to the takedown early & often to make JDS think about it and drop his hands to defend it. I think this helped him setup the big punch in the 1st round. The takedown threat also forced JDS to keep moving and change his stance a bit so he couldn't plant and unload power punches. Cain also did a great job of crowding JDS and forcing him to the cage, once again this screws up the stance and takes away the power punches since you can't throw with any power when your feet are level or out of position. And against the fence, he did a great of clinching and dirty boxing the crap out of JDS.

The other thing was JDS didn't show enough urgency in getting himself off the cage. There were a few times when Cain gave him a bit of space after breaking from the clinch, JDS needed to circle out right the **** now but he hesitated & hung around outside the black line and got backed right back into the cage by Cain. Then there was the circling out right into Cain's power side which got him tagged in the 3rd round, that was a Bisping move right there.

Great fight, Cain made all the adjustments he needed to control the fight and take the win. He used his cardio, pressure, and ring control to put the fight where he had the most advantages. JDS did a great job of defending the takedown early on and late in the fight, and when he did go down he usually didn't stay down for long.

It's going to be very interesting to see what JDS learns from this loss and what kind of adjustments he makes to his technique in the future.
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