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Originally Posted by RearNaked View Post
The circumstance in the Okami fight being Boetsch knocking him the f*** out.

I'd love to hear the explanation of what 'circumstance' caused Lombard to have no clue how to deal with someone who doesn't just walk towards him chin first.
I'm not trying to discredit Tim's victories at all, but circumstance plays a part in almost every fight. It just so happens that it worked out in favor of Boetsch twice, while it worked against him tonight. Boetsch may hve knocked the shit out of Okami but let's not forget that he was being dominated and was nearly finished on multiple occasions by a guy who is a notoriously defensive fighter. Again, I reiterate, not saying it means anything with regard to his win, but Boetsch's hail mary proved to be a lucky one.

As far as his fight against Lombard goes, I am of firm belief that Lombard was not himself that night and had octagon jitters. Not saying it matters, not saying it's a good excuse, but look at Lombard's fight with Boetsch versus his fight with Palhares. Two completely different fighters almost.

Tonight, Boetsch was on the wrong end of circumstance. He's a better fighter than Costa, and as winning convincingly up until broken hand, the accidental headbutt, and eyepokes. Had none of those things happened, I'm almost positive that Tim would have won. But shit happens, and it happened a lot to Boetsch tonight.
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