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I think a few of you really need to watch the fight again... but maybe this time with out such a strong bias.

I honestly didn't care who won this fight; I was just hoping for a good show. Because of this I seemed to see a completely different fight than a few of you.

I honestly baffled how anyone could question JDS heart. The dude got lit up in the 1st round(and ate quite a bit of punishment through out the fight). I think a lot of lesser fighters would have just been KO'd by the first big punch let alone all of the following shots. He was basically laying against the cage eating shots in the 2nd and 3rd, but there was a noticeable increase in JDS energy and output in the 4 and part of the 5. He didn't give up as some are alluding to, not in the least. That and if what Dana said about a broke Jaw in the second... you should all be ashamed.

My thoughts on Cain's performance was really back and forth during the first round. At first, I was feeling a bit embarrassed for him for some of those 'takedown attempts'. They were really really ugly. In the end I guess they served their purpose, but he sure could have put a little more effort into some of them.

I was really impressed with how he eventually set up the right hand with those 'takedown attempts' and he was all over JDS when he smelled the blood in the water. However, after that point my impression slowly decreased. JDS was completely incapable of defending himself in the 2nd and 3rd round and was still sitting prey in the 4th and 5th but I never felt like Cain really committed after that first round.

Complete domination by Cain but in the prefight Cain called said he wanted the KO and he had 5 rounds to do it and never committed.

His wrestling also looked pretty questionable later in the fight. He had eaten a few body shots by that point and had already been fighting for 15+ minutes but he was starting to look really sloppy again for a guy so touted for his technical wrestling ability.

I'm still not convinced one fighter is better than the other. SO far both have won a fight convincingly and did so by implementing a great game plan. I'm ready for the trilogy in 2014.

On a side note, the outcome of this fight helps keep the HW division moving so that's a good thing.
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