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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I mean cain did what he had to do and was the better fighter. But myself Nd the 2 others were laughing when rogan called it masterful.

First round cain looked like brock. Rolling on the ground got stuffed like 10 straight times not even close on many. Jds for some reason had his hands down allf fight long. Cain clipped him hard and jds looked like a zombie the rest ofthe way. Jds was dead yet still stuffed a lot of tds. Cain never once got jds to his back. Jds flopped on his back once to test his guard. But oter than that jds was on his knees and hands and easily hot back up severaltimes even late in the fight.

Cain dominated. But i wasnt that impressed with his wrestling. His cardio prevails many times in that division. When fresh cain looked like a novice. Jds has a good jaw tho.

Credit jds for staying tough. But as dead as he was cain should have dominated him more in the ground. He took him down anf out worked him. He didnt keep him there. And sarly in the fight he looked foolish shooting for tds.

I just didnt come away overly impressed. Was more disappointed that jds gassed in a round and a half. Ufc hws are not great athletes it is evident that cain is the only one with any sort of cArdio.

Jds was a gassed off balance mess half way through the 2nd.
Those initial desperate looking take downs from Cain were fake take down attempts. They were used to trick Junior into thinking that Cain was going to be shooting for wild take downs from a huge distance away so he immediateley reacted by dropping his hands to try and stuff the take down. THEN when Cain started to notice his plan was working and Junior began dropping his hands because he always thought the take down was coming, Cain set up the big over hand and started smashhing him on the feet.

Personally, I'd call that masterful. Absolutely excellent and smart game planning and execution from Velasquez in that opening to round to get Junior to drop his hands and land heavy damage on the feet.
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