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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Those initial desperate looking take downs from Cain were fake take down attempts. They were used to trick Junior into thinking that Cain was going to be shooting for wild take downs from a huge distance away so he immediateley reacted by dropping his hands to try and stuff the take down. THEN when Cain started to notice his plan was working and Junior began dropping his hands because he always thought the take down was coming, Cain set up the big over hand and started smashhing him on the feet.

Personally, I'd call that masterful. Absolutely excellent and smart game planning and execution from Velasquez in that opening to round to get Junior to drop his hands and land heavy damage on the feet.
Maybe i was a little drunk at that point and he fooled me. If he did plan that then that was pretty crazy. I saw easy stuffed td after easy stuffed td. Jds was just backing up with hia chin straight up. His defense looked like ass.

The whole fight even deep in the fight jds was getting up after each take down.

Not bashing cain. But it was an odd ass fight. He made it hia fight anf won it thas all that matters. But i thought if he dominated on the cards he would have had more dominant wrestling and control. Jds looked like a zombie with no concept of hands up for 80% of the fight. I was disappointed.
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