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I'm really glad Cain won. I like him more than JDS. I was worried a few times in the fight though.

On a thread related to their prior fight I asserted that Cain is a more technical striker than JDS. I'd like to openly admit that I was mistaken in that claim. I have a bias towards fighters who pressure their opponents with combinations and a varied attack, utilizing kicks and punches. While Cain does this and Dos Santos does not, it truly is Dos Santos who throws crisper shots and utilizes better set ups and angles. To those who I argued with about this last fight, I was wrong.

THAT SAID, one of my biggest complaints about JDS (which i am not retracting, and I feel is more valid than ever) is that he's a bully in the ring. If you're afraid of him and give him tons of respect, he'll run over you. In those situations, where he can work his setups and body punches, he is a destroyer of men. But if someone gets in his face and refuses to be bullied, he doesn't look so great anymore.

This was revealed to me by his fight with Roy Nelson and was highlighted in yesterdays bout. JDS is a better striker than Cain, but Cain just got up in his face and hammered him. Yes, the threat of a takedown played a significant role, but even so JDS just doesn't respond well to that kind of pressure. And that's why Cain was successful.

Interestingly enough, though, I've become a much bigger fan of JDS after this fight. Why? Well his heart obviously played a part in winning me over, but even more so, I was SUPER impressed by his takedown defense and ability to scramble back on to his feet. Cain's smashed some serious guys with his top control and he couldn't keep Dos Santos down for any serious length of time. (Though he definitely did some damage with what control he had.)

Towards the end of the third, Cain faded quite a bit. They came in small bursts, but JDS returned with some fast and heavy hands. As Cain got slower, I was getting seriously worried that Dos Santos would come from behind with a KO.

Amazing fight overall! Screw the people who were booing.

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