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Yah, I've long since set aside favoritism. Tough to do with emotions involved. BJ vs Diaz, Crocop vs everyone, Swick, etc. But ya gotta look at all elements. Cain was relentless and he stifled JDS's boxing and tired em out. The Roy Nelson fight showed me that after the third round he begins to tire significantly. Any striker won't do well against a fighter who sticks to em like glue constantly pressuring. Also Cain is NOT an ordinary fighter. He has cardio for days. Try doing a drop step takedown for a full five minutes and you'll be out of breath. Add that for a full 25 minutes and you'll see how damn impressive Cain's conditioning is. That's his SINGLE biggest weapon; conditioning.


Cormier drops to LHW for the title shot.
JDS can KO Big Foot into oblivion again. The only other HW with crisp boxing is Arlovski EXCEPT he doesn't have the chin JDS has.

*NOTES* Although JDS was exhausted he showed tremendous will power.
Best takedown defense in the HW division.

Remember, Cain threw everything at em and did NOT finish. I should have stuck with my original prediction a year ago with a five round UD. I went with 4th round TKO Cain. Anyways in 2014 they will rematch again and I do believe JDS will take it to end the trilogy. I will place a nice let bet. I think it's destiny man. These two are at the top of the food chain.

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