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Originally Posted by cookiefritas View Post
Great fight, Cain is an impressive man with his extraordinary cardio.

I think JDS made a mistake in focusing on his "strength" on this training camp. He looked bulked up a bit and his cardio dropped a ton due to this. He looked gassed by the middle of the first round and the big overhand right just took his gas tank to almost empty.

He also looked to fall in love with the big shot and didn't fire off combinations like he used to.

I think the trilogy will be even better of a fight.
Good call. For the rubber fight against Cain he has to drop 10 - 15 pounds and focus on one thing actually two things. How to connect when Cain comes in; left kick, knee or uppercut. He was trying to do the latter, but he's too tall and Cain drops very quickly.

Second, cut weight to increase mobility and conditioning. Anderson did this against Chael by coming in lighter in their rematch. He was much leaner cuz he was prepared for another five rounder. Anderson is the only one much like Fedor who can game plan INSIDE the Octagon.

Unfortunately he was smothered so he couldn't land his combinations.

End notes. Cain had 13 months to study this and create a proper game plan.

Originally Posted by SM33 View Post
Amazing stuff from Cain, his plan was to charge in and hope something lands - it worked. Impressive because he went for takedowns immediately, JDS shrugged them off and he didn't let it knock his confidence.

Do not sleep on JDS though, he showed some amazing stuff in this fight. Heart and toughness, obviously, but the ability to land shots, defend takedowns, and get out from under Cain when he looked ready to die? That is sensational, that is some serious skill that is properly instinctual.

JDS is in the same spot Cain was a year ago, except he looked much better in his loss.
Looks like Bresko has a sig ready for ya...hehe. You should make a long term sig bet right now that JDS will retake it in their rematch. It's going to happen.

I've never seen two fighters in a division clear it out the way they did and dominate. Maybe Rich Franklin, but he faced a very different breed of fighter.

I feel bad for JDS's next opponent. Anyways I'm not a Cain fan, but I call it the way I see it. The DEFINING fight for me was Cain vs Bigfoot. Has anybody ever seen a comeback fight from a a fighter who gets knocked out for the belt. That proved to me beyond a reasonable doubt that he was on a MISSION. He simply took his frustrations out on poor Big Foot and got his sweet revenge on JDS. He'll be back...

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